Conflict Management

Communication and Conflict Management Training

Workplace violence is an issue in all businesses and services where staff may face emotionally charged situations. Most roles in security are at high risk of conflict and physical assault.

This course will help you to understand and develop the confidence and skills required to help you communicate and deal safely and effectively with the conflict that will inevitably happen in your role.

Conflict Management Course Content

Avoiding Conflict & Assessing Risk

In this section you will be looking at ways in which you can reduce the risks of being involved in conflict through:

  • Effectively assessing a situation
  • Being more aware of how people may react in threatening situations
  • Providing good customer service

Defusing Conflict

In this section you will look at ways in which you can defuse a conflict situation by:

  • Understanding how to overcome blocks to communication
  • Using effective communication to signal non-aggression and calm down a potentially violent situation.
  • Recognising and dealing safely with high risk situations

Resolving Conflict

In this section you will look at ways in which you can help to resolve the problems that cause conflict by being able to:

  • Recognise the customers point of view
  • Resolve the issue
  • Seek a win win solution

Learning from Conflict

In the final section you will look at things you need to consider after an incident including ways you can: Support colleagues Report and record incidents Learn from the incident Share good practice automatic replica watches

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