CCTV Operations

CCTV Operators

CCTV can make an important contribution to security. It can assist in the monitoring of streets, shops, buildings and other public places. Cameras consistently monitored by alert and trained staff help to create a safe and secure environment; they act as a deterrent to would-be offenders as well as providing valuable evidence to prosecute criminals who choose to ignore the deterrent

Who Needs a Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) Licence?

A Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) licence is required when manned guarding activities are carried out through the use of closed circuit television equipment to:

  1. monitor the activities of a member of the public in a public or private place; or
  2. identify a particular person.

This includes the use of CCTV in these cases to record images that are viewed on non-CCTV equipment,orologi replica but excludes the use of CCTV solely to identify a trespasser or protect property.

A Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) licence is required only if your services are supplied for the purposes of or in connection with any contract to a consumer.

CCTV/PSS Training Course - SIA:

Should you require an SIA licence for CCTV, this course is designed to help you gain the competence needed to succeed. Knowledge and skills gained on this course can be used across all sectors.

Course contents:

Working in The Private Security Industry (Common Unit)

Working as a CCTV Operator
The modules found within CCTV Operators are outlined below:

Unit 1

  1. Roles and Responsibilities
  2. CCTV Equipment
  3. Characteristics of a CCTV System
  4. Codes of Practice
  5. Control Room Communication
  6. Emergency Procedures
  7. Legislation

Unit 2

  1. Equipment and Operation
  2. Operational Use of CCTV


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