Q and A

Questions and Answers about our courses

The information below is based on the Door Supervisor course. However, that license also allows you to work in retail security, nightclubs and events with a Door Supervisor license.

Q. Who is this course  (Door Supervisor, our most popular course) for?

A. This course is for individuals wishing to obtain the SIA Door Supervisor Licence and work in the following front-line roles:

  • Corporate Security Guarding
  • Manned Guarding
  • Retail Security Guarding
  • Site Security
  • Music or Sporting Event Security
  • Nightclub / Restaurant Security
  • Shopping Centre Security
  • Loss Prevention Officer Office
  • Building Security
  • Guarding and more...

Q. How can I book and pay for the course?

A. You book and pay using your credit card or debit card securely online or over the phone. You can also pay via bank transfer. Please contact us if you would like to make the payment via bank transfer.   You can find and book the nearest course online or by calling us on 020 8287 3213

Q. When will I receive my examination result?

A. Results are published online within 10-14 working days after your examination date. You will be notified by SMS and email when they are ready to view - in the rare case your results are delayed, we will always keep you informed.

Q. When will I receive my certificate?

A. Certificates are usually dispatched 7 days after successful course completion. Please contact us via chat or phone - if it has been over 14 days so we can verify your address and arrange for a replacement. Please note, you don't need a certificate to apply for your SIA Licence.

Q. Do I need my certificate to apply for SIA Licence?

A. No, you do not need your certificate to apply for the SIA Licence. Your details are passed on to the SIA when you pass the course.

Q. I want to work as a Security Guard, is this course right for me?

A. The remarkable thing about the Door Supervisor Licence is that it allows you to work as a Security Guard and a Door Supervisor. That means - you can work in retail security, nightclubs and events with a Door Supervisor Licence.

Q. Do I have to complete any distance learning before attending the training?

A. Yes. the Door Supervisor course includes some distance learning which you must complete before you attend the classroom training.

Q. What ID documents do I have to bring along?

A. It is a regulatory requirement to do an identity check for all security-related qualifications. Therefore candidates who are attending license-linked courses are requested to provide the following upon arrival:

  • Two passport size photos
  • Original passport of any nationality or UK photo Drivers Licence
  • Two forms of address proof (originals)

Please see the joining instructions as a range of other documents can be accepted.

Q. Are all the courses listed by Knightguard Ltd approved by the SIA?

A. Yes, we make sure all training providers are fully approved and compliant.